[insert date]

[insert place and time]

INPEX Australia Pty Ltd (INPEX confirms that an incident occurred [insert when] at [insert exact location] involving (insert minor detail i.e. two employees.)

[Describe key action taken following incident. Do not elaborate on details of incident, number of employees involved etc. This will be done in the approved Media Release].

[Insert details of project status].

All workers have been evacuated and are accounted for/ Operations have been suspended until further notice. Details of the incident are still being established but an investigation is underway.

The onsite emergency team has been activated and external emergency services are attending the scene. INPEX is working closely with [the contractor and relevant authorities] on the incident.

[Provide further details of the response such as impact on traffic/ community].

Our highest priority at this stage is the welfare and safety of those people involved in the incident.

More information will be provided as soon as it is available and verified.

For incident enquiries contact 1800-785-911 (freecall within Australia) or +61 8 9253-1010 (international).

 Next incident update scheduled: XX:XX, XXXday DD Month Year.