INPEX establish fuel storage facility

INPEX Browse Ltd is pleased to announce that it will install a portable refuelling tank facility at the Lombadina Airstrip.

The new portable refuelling facility will allow a helicopter to refuel at Lombadina rather than travel the extra 85 nautical miles to Broome. This is expected to signifcantly reduce evacuation times for offshore drilling personnel in the event of an incident or cyclone.

"However, this refuelling facility could not have been installed without the strong support of the Djarindjin Aboriginal Community", said Indigenous Affairs Coordinator David Meehan.

"Their assistance was essential and we are very pleased that we were able to work with the local Aboriginal Community to develop this project for our mutual benefit", said Djarindjin Community.

"We see this as a win-win situation for all parties", said Mr Meehan.

"Firstly, the refuelling facility will considerably reduce the time it takes to evacuate our employees off the drilling rig and secondly, benefit the local indigenous community through employment."

In addition, INPEX has made arrangements for the Royal Flying Doctor Service to use the refuelling station when required.

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