INPEX helps out local soldier

INPEX Browse Ltd has assisted an Australian Defence Force soldier who needed to urgently return home to Derby from training exercises in Cape Bougainville in the far north-west of Western Australia.

INPEX with the assistance of its on-ground logistics coordinators TUCF, sent its Bristow BK117, based in Broome, to Cape Bougainville to bring the soldier home quickly and safely to be with his wife in Derby Hospital.

The helicopter considerably reduced the time it would normally take to extract people from the area and without INPEX's assistance, the journey by road or sea could have taken days.

"When we heard the young soldier needed to get home quickly, we didn't hesitate to provide our help", said Group Manager External Affairs Sean Kildare.

"We are priveleged to be able to help this local hero get to his family at a time when they need him most."

"We did what all the people here do - help each other out when they need it", he said.

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