INPEX believes that effective community engagement is essential to our success.

We are committed to establishing, building and maintaining community trust in areas where we operate including Darwin – the location of our onshore LNG processing facilities – and Broome, the logistics supply hub for our offshore facilities.

We work closely with stakeholders and ensure information is readily available to the community, as well as providing mechanisms for feedback and response.

Feedback and enquiries from community members are received through various channels including the free-call 1800 705 010 number, e-mail and face-to-face interactions.


For the year to date as at 30 June 2018, we received more than 700 enquiries from communities.

More than 55 per cent of these enquiries related to employment opportunities – representing a small decline in enquiries in this category. Other enquiries include business and sponsorship opportunities.

Enquiries relating to a community concern make up 2 per cent of all enquiries received. These include the impact of project-related activities such as helicopter operations in Broome and some concerns about workforce behaviors.

All enquiries made by community members are addressed by INPEX and documented. We work with our contractors and stakeholders to investigate all concerns and work to address and resolve issues in a prompt and consistent manner.

If you would like to offer your feedback, please contact INPEX on 1800 705 010 or