The Kimberley


The Kimberley, Western Australia is the closest mainland region to the Ichthys gas and condensate field, located around 450 kilometers from Broome. 

Broome is an important logistics hub for Ichthys LNG's offshore operations, including workforce helicopter transfers and marine logistics support. 

During the current phase, Project vessels are expected to make up to seven visits per week to the Port of Broome for service and supplies. 

A dedicated INPEX Supply Base has been established close to the Port of Broome to support the Project's drilling program. 

INPEX has contracted PHI HNZ helicopter company to move INPEX's offshore workers between Broome and the Ichthys Field where INPEX is drilling 20 production wells, and more than 30,000 tonnes of subsea equipment has been installed on the seabed. 

Up to 500 workers support our offshore operations, with ongoing flights transporting workers back to Broome. 


Project helicopters travelling between Broome and the Field will regularly land at the Djarindjin-Lombadina airport for refuelling. 

The Project has invested more than A$500,000 to support and improve the Djarindjin-Lombadina airport, including working with the Western Australian Government on a major upgrade that sealed the airstrip, extended fuel facilities and shelters, and installed an automated weather station. 

The upgrades allow emergency evacuations to be made to the airport and have provided the community with a source of income, as well as a more reliable and accessible airstrip. More than 20 local Aboriginal workers are employed through the Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation to deliver the refuelling activities. 

Working with communities in the Kimberley

INPEX has worked with the Kimberley community for many years, including through sponsorships for local opportunities in areas such as arts and culture, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples initiatives and education. More information on our community sponsorships and investments can be found here.