Since 2012, INPEX and INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG have funded more than A$ 4.5 million in community programs in Australia plus more than A$ 9 million to develop training and education institutions in the Northern Territory (NT). Through its community investment activities, INPEX wishes to contribute to building communities that are vibrant, prosperous and resilient.

Approximately 70 per cent of community sponsorship and investment funding has supported initiatives taking place in Darwin and across the Northern Territory. We also sponsor community programs in Perth and the Kimberley region in Western Australia (WA).

In 2019 to date, INPEX and Ichthys LNG committed more than $500,000 to support almost 50 programs, including the following:

INPEX Community Sponsorship and Investment Program

Update - September 2019

The second and final public application round of the 2019 Community Sponsorship and Investment Program - which ran throughout July - is now closed.

All applications received during that period have been assessed, sponsorships confirmed, and applicants advised of the outcome of their submission.

INPEX thanks all applicants for taking time to make a submission. 

Sponsorship program

The next public application round for the Community Sponsorship and Investment Program will be in early 2020. 

The dates of the application period will be updated in the lead up to the round. 

Sponsorship application

Community organisations that are interested in making an application for funding of up to A$ 5000 should first read INPEX’s Sponsorship Application Guidelines to ensure that their initiative (program/event) meets the eligibility criteria and focus areas of the Program.

Submissions may then be made using the online Sponsorship Application Form.

At the end of each round, all submissions received are assessed by the INPEX Sponsorship Committee. The Committee makes its sponsorship recommendations from eligible applications based on available funding, how well the proposal aligns to INPEX’s sponsorship objectives and focus areas, and which applications will provide the broadest benefit to the target beneficiaries as well as to the sponsor.

It should be noted that it may take up to two months to complete the payment of sponsorship funds to successful applicants after the sponsorship is awarded. Please take this timeframe into account if you wish to make an application.


For more information about sponsorship please email sponsorship@inpex.com.au.

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2019 INPEX CORPORATION Sustainability Report