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Headquartered in Perth with offices in Darwin, INPEX Australia is active in the Timor Sea and the Carnarvon, Browse and Bonaparte basins.

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<p>Explore our largest project to date.</p>
<p>An offshore gas and condensate field located 500km NW of the Northern Territory in Australia.</p>
<p>An offshore oil field located 53km NW of Exmouth, WA.</p>
<p>Located in the Browse Basin, WA, this project will use a floating LNG facility, the first of its kind in the world.</p>
<p>Production from Kitan commenced in October 2011, located 240km south of Timor.</p>
<p>A new subsea oil field development located offshore Exmouth, WA.</p>
<p>Producing crude oil, Ravensworth is located about 45km off the coast of Exmouth, WA.</p>

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